Our Hay

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Hay Sales

For availability and prices please contact us.  Large quantities.

Contracts available per tonne. 


Fine cut Rhodes Grass | Cereal Hay |  Barley Straw

Our Hay

We grow many different crops for hay, but specialise in Fine Cut Rhodes Grass during the warmer months and cereal hay, moby barley or oats in the cooler months. Straw hay for roughage is available, also mainly barley. We do grow other crops for hay that include, Millet, Triticale, Forage Sorghum and Lucerne.

Servicing all aspects of the livestock industry and proven experience in supply of large quantities of fodder for feedlots, dairy, sheep, cattle, horses, hay is available on a per tonne rate or per bale rate.


Contracts including delivery available for 100 MT to 5000 MT. We can store and deliver on a regular basis.

Our hay is available in big squares 8x4x3 size bales or Round Bales either 5x4 or 4x4 size

Making Hay

Making quality hay is what we do. With modern reliable equipment we mower condition, rake, bale and stack our or your hay. A good quality mower conditioner is important to reduce drying time and to condition the plant material to ensure even drying and less weather bleaching.


Raking to turn windrows to speed up and even out drying is also another important step.


Baling is the most important part, making a solid quality bale with a low moisture content to prevent the risk of hay fires. Bales are constantly monitored for moisture and weight. Balers are also equipped with rotor cutters if needed to chop up stalk length and produce lengths variable with the number of knives in. Length from 50mm – 200mm, this is a valuable tool especially for feedlots or operations mixing hay as it cuts down the time taken to mix as the hay is already chopped. Tractors are equipped with Greenstar guidance also.

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