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The Hancock Family

Our Farm

Over 100 years in growing quality crops

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Hancock Hay & Haulage is a family owned and operated business with our home base at Kumbia Qld, and a second base at Dalby on the Darling Downs QLD.  Now in our 4th generation of farming (over 100 years). The past 20 years have been dedicated to growing, making, storing and delivering quality hay.

We are different in the way of our supply chain, we are NOT hay merchants, We Plant, Fertilise, Cut, Rake, Bale, Stack, Shed, and Transport hay. This guarantees quality control from the start to the finish.

We also offer contracting services with modern equipment and an experienced team that focuses on quality, production and safety.

We grow it, We make it, We store it, We deliver it.


Growing Crops

It's in our genetics, its what we were born to do

With over 100 years farming back ground we’ve had plenty of experience in growing quality crops. Soil nutrition is key to producing quality hay. As growers we like to see the best possible outcome of a crop in being high yielding and high quality. Planting, Fertilising and spraying at the right times with the right modern equipment ensures this.

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